"Pocket Caravan... play with all the reciprocal relish of the best ensembles." Rock'n'reel

"Fascinating rhythms and exquisitely dextrous playing" Northern Sky

Pocket Caravan explore the fascinating rhythms of South America and the fiery melodies of European folk traditions, finding connections between music from across the continents

The Quartet began after a chance encounter between South Brazilian violinist Felipe Karam and British guitarist Peter Michaels. Both had composed music inspired by places they had lived, and recorded their debut album Landscapes in 2008, with many guests joining them in the studio. The quartet developed to include Bahian percussionist Anselmo Netto and North Brazilian double bassist Matheus Nova.

After touring the UK, they recorded live at the Forge Concert hall in Camden Town, under the venue's own label. The resulting album, 7 Steps From The Border, explored the power of music to cross seemingly closed borders.

During a recent tour of Brazil, from the Amazon down to the Uruguayan border, and ending with a series of concerts in Salvador, the group recorded their third album. Entitled THR3E and released in 2013, the album explores music with three at its core - waltzes, Chamamés, music of the Candomblé religion and African polyrhythms.

From the barn dances of Northern Brazil to the gypsy circles of Spain via the Gaucho campfires of Uruguay, the ensemble combine live looping, improvisation and traditional techniques to celebrate the shared influences of music around the globe.